Live your life, not online.


Last Friday we broke it down and had some serious conversation about the effects of social media on our lives and relationships as Christians. There were some incredible points made, so what else was there to do but put it to a beat box track and rap it out? Here’s what the group of legends that I was part of got together:

‘Don’t wait for media to validate you,
Get it from the on who did create you.

Don’t make comparison
With Kim Kardashian.

Get rid of bitterness
And replace it with forgiveness.

Don’t care about yourself
More than someone else.

Don’t listen to the noise,
Listen to his voice.

Remember to connect,
Or it will have a bad effect.

Wasting time on social media,
You don’t gotta let it feed ya’.

Don’t live your life in isolation,
Connect yourself with this nation.

When you feel like your life isn’t what you want it to be,
Remember; “I am the only me.”

Live your life, Not online.’
(Mic drop)

This was impacted me, and I’m sure many others too. It reminded me that being so connected can leave me so disconnected. It can separate me from God, others, and even myself. I don’t want to let the internet define my relationships. Social media is a fantastic tool, but a terrible master.

Here is to living life, not online.