Fan-girl Friday: The Bad Beginning

Here is yesterday’s Fan-girl Friday. I didn’t have a chance to post it in between the craziness of the week end. 
Today’s post is apt considering that it is Friday the 13th. This week I am loving something that I have looked for for a long time; Book the First: The Bad Beginning from A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.


This is the first book of my absolute favourite childhood series. I have been collecting the stories from second hand stores, because why buy new when you can buy loved? Also, its way cheaper. For example, this one cost me R20 and the condition is relatively good.

The books contain the wonderfully horrible tale of the Baudelaire orphans. I believe wholeheartedly that these books begun my love for really bad endings. There is no clichéd happiness in the last chapter and the books are filled to overflowing with despair and impossible situations, yet the siblings always manage to slip from the grip of their nemesis through ingenuity and a touch of luck.

Not only are they well written; they are beautifully illustrated too. The designs are shaded with a specific hatching pattern that somehow, through the course of reading the 13 books, ingrained itself into my brain. It is a pattern that I doodle all the time. I thought that I had come up with it of my own accord, but as it turns out nothing is truly original!

I recommend this series to anyone who has the ability to read. It is a definite favourite. 


2 thoughts on “Fan-girl Friday: The Bad Beginning

  1. I absolutely adore Series of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket is definitely in my top 5 favorite authors. Have you read his new series All the Wrong Questions? I would definitely recommend it!

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