The beginning of the “Journey” prac.

Yesterday I had a panic moment. I realized I had not yet developed a concept for my art practical that I will be working on for the next four weeks. Like a true procrastinator I sat and had tea with a jumble of people who happened to be at my house, sighing sporadically and explaining the woes of an art student to anyone who asked.

The theme of the impending artwork is “Journey”, and as it was I had no direction for it. I usually spend time developing my concepts and exploring ideas, but I knew I had 24 hours to thumbsuck something worthwhile. After all, this is matric and concept is everything.

One of the women that was at our house having tea was staying with us for the weekend. My mom had met her only a week previously, developing connection with her and her travelling companion. They were on holiday from Germany and needed someone to show them the sights. Unfortunately, there was a traumatic situation and this woman had to separate from her friend and leave South Africa early. She needed a comfortable and safe environment for the weekend, so my mom offered her our spare room.

Someone suggested that I speak to her about her journey. I had a spark of imagination and asked if she would mind being part of my art practical. She obliged and we sat down for an interview. Three and a half A3 pages and over an hour of audio recording later, I knew most of her life story and I was late for church. What an incredible woman! Hearing her speak and visualizing her life inspired me to use her story, her journey, as the focus of my prac.

She has lived through so much and come out so beautifully. She prefers that I do not share anything personal on the internet, so I will respect that. But oh my goodness. Her story leaves me speechless. I am so excited to express the experiences she told me about as I see them in my mind’s eye.

Sometimes procrastination leads to the most wonderful concepts. Most of the time it leads to half-baked ideas.


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