Fan-girl Friday: Copic markers

Whenever I plan to have any structure on this blog I manage to fail epically.

Not this time! I want to start doing something here called ‘Fan-girl Fridays’. The idea is to share every Friday something that I’m loving, or ‘fan-girling’ over. This will range from new things, to old things and will include writing by other people, books, movies, make-up, pens, music, people, furniture, pictures and much more. If I like it, you will know about it.

So to kick off my first Fan-girl Friday, here’s something I’ve had for a while, but fell in love with yesterday.


Its my Copic markers! I only have two colours, Light Pink and Pale Cobalt Green, but I love them! Mine are the ‘Ciao’ markers. They create such smooth colour and are perfect for these little illustrations that I have been doing. The one pictured is not one of my best as it was super rushed, but I like it anyway because it captured a piece of my day. The colours go beautifully together and they are super fluid with a tip on each side of the marker; one is like a Highlighter’s shape and the other is a brush shape with a flexible tip. Copic has a wide range of products, so check out their website if you’re interested in what they have to offer.

If you’re arty, into illustrating, enjoy crafting or just appreciate a good marker, you need to give these a shot. I didn’t buy mine for myself, they were a gift from my person, but I think that they are available at the Deckle Edge. They’re on the expensive end of things, but they truly are worth it.


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