October #1

Well, its October! The end of the year is fast approaching and I’ve been a sucky blogger. Here I am making an end of year resolution. This is a big deal people, brace yourselves. For the rest of this month I am taking up some sort of challenge that my mom mentioned to me to write a 5 minute post EVERY DAY. Here’s post number one, but I have to ask the people who possibly actually read this to keep me somewhat accountable by giving me a slap in the face with a chair if (when) you see me slacking. Alright?

So here I am, posting on a Saturday night, trying to pretend I am productive. Well that’s a joke! Its the holidays and I intend to do a bit of relaxing, constructive relaxation mind you. I won’t lie, I’m not off to a good start but let’s be real, how much can one relax in a one week holiday when there is still studying and assignments to be done? The answer: I can watch as much Grey’s Anatomy as I want, but my art projects will never be far from the front of my mind. I will relax without the relaxation part.