madness and minutes

Salvadore Dali once said, “The only difference between me an a madman, is that I am not mad.”
I feel a little crazy. One minute I will be all like “Yeah! Let’s do this! I’m gonna ace (insert subject/project)!” And the next minute I’m sitting with said work in front of me going “Please help me, Jesus. I think I’m going to die.” And I won’t be joking. The thing is, I haven’t died yet, and I think its safe to say that I don’t think a mountain of work will kill me in the near future. I mean, a little hard work never killed anyone I know.
But somehow its still really hard to just do it. To just tackle it. To not procrastinate. So I have started using something awesome. Its called the 2 minute rule. When all I see is a huge pile of to-do lists and textbooks, I pick the most important task (ie: the one with the nearest deadline) and challenge myself to do it for 2 minutes. That really doesn’t sound hard! And it really isn’t. And it works incredibly well because I end up carrying on working because I’m on a roll.
I have to do things like this because I can’t afford to pretend that the work isn’t there. I can’t afford to tell myself “later”. I can’t afford to palm the tasks set for me off to others. I can’t afford to not prepare myself. My procrastination and lack of preparation not only affects me, but others too. It affects me when I don’t study, am faced with an exam, fail miserably and then have to deal with the consequences of that. It affects others when I am part of a team and can’t put myself and my desires aside to push through and be the best I can be within my team. 
I won’t pretend that I don’t fail at this daily. Procrastination and I are at war right now. The two minute rule is my secret weapon. But the important thing is that I continue to pick myself up and carry on to the best of my ability.
Oh and about that war? I think I’m winning.